They emailed me for a second interview… I am legit freaking out. Someone hold me.



if you want to be my lover you have to be able to marathon every marvel movie in one sitting


And yet, the requirement is still valid.

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Actually his last wish was probably like—Scott Summers, I wish you weren’t killing me right now.
Robert Drake, a.k.a. Iceman talking about the last wishes of Charles Xavier

Original Sin #5.5 - Thor and Loki #5 - The Tenth Realm

Odin doesn’t give a fuck about your gender, he loves his children no matter what. And THAT is amazing.

Avengers #35

I love their relationship and I hope that Hickman develops on it more. They had some alone time in earlier Avengers issues, but i can see a great deal of mutual respect and admiration for one another. 

They both know they’re crazy powerful and know that that burden weighs heavily on them and they finally have someone that they can truly relate too and that’s great.

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Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

I would prefer Black Widow, Wasp, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Elektra reboot, Storm, Maria Hill, She Hulk, America Chavez, and anything with a woman from Marvel Movie.


I watched Toy Story this week and this scene still kills me.


Uncanny X-Force #34

Nightcrawler poofed a fucking shark inside him. A shark. If that’s not badass I don’t know what is.

This is Kurt Darkholme, AOL Nightcrawler and he was truly a badass.


Someone needs to write a fic of a battalion of superheroes randomly showing up at Sam’s doorstep because they have nowhere else to go.

"Hey Sam… so Pepper threw me out of my house and Rhodey’s on vacation in Mexico."

"Steve has spoken much of you Son of Wil. Do you wish to do battle against my adopted brother?"

"So… show an archer these wings I’ve heard so much about."


And Sam cursing Steve and Natasha in the depths of his soul because they started the trend and then told all their friends about it.

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