"Writing on Twitter, Whedon quipped: "A female Thor? What the hell makes them think THAT would be cool?"  The 50-year-old also attached an image of Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, who played Starbuck in the television series between 2003 and 2009."

Ok that changes everything. If Katee Sackhoff plays Thor then i’ll deal with it xD

I…I…If this happens I will be so frakking happy!

But I’m loving the new Thor either way

I was about to be really mad and then I got really happy!

avengers: age of ultron spoilers
  • steve: shield is gone...
  • everyone: ...
  • clint: what do you mean shield is gone??? where did it go???

natasha being worth of mjolnir in ‘age of ultron: what if? #3’

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This is the best team book that Marvel is putting out right now.
And if it wasn’t for the excellent Rat Queens this would be the best team book anyone is putting out right now.
It’s won awards and stuff.

It was only meant to be 12 issues but is apparently getting at least another 5 because of how popular it’s been.

You NEED to be reading this. Simple as.
It’s ridiculous, fun and entertaining.






Issue 1 highlights

It’s like Nextwave.
And that is the greatest praise i can give this book because Nextwave is fantastic.

So in short you should read this because it’s fucking wizard.

You’re probably already reading this comic, and if not, WHY NOT? I wasn’t 100% into it at first, but I’ve now repeatedly endorsed Superior Foes of Spider-Man and DON’T YOU TRUST MY JUDGEMENT?? 

Yes and yes

Anonymous asked:
I'm not blaming you for being mad that Thor is a girl. Sure a transition is confusing because Thor WAS a man, but that doesn't mean Thor will now be filing her nails and brushing her hair. Also, rape is still a problem and woman still are missing some rights, but degrading men is wrong in feminism. Thor should have stayed a man, and as a woman I agree, but I think this will be fun to see and watch happen. Please don't totally hate Thor now.

No no, I was being facetious. I think that promoting gender equality and equal representation of women in the media is an amazing idea and should constantly be advocated for. There have been countless men who have been reworked into women (maybe not physically, just conceptually) and they have worked out and have been successful in some many ways and persist til this day. I can also give you so many examples of women writers being great and women characters being amazing as well and I think Thor is in good hands with James Aaron, who has been writing Thor wonderfully thus far. I was just making fun of fedora wearing MRAs who are getting upset about changing for the better. Otherwise, most of my post was just me being sarcastic.

Omg it sucks that Thor is going to be a woman now. Like, he’s the only character that has ever been turned into a female ever and its so annoying that women are taking over comics. It’s not like Wolverine, or Hawkeye, or Hulk, or Loki, or Iron Man, or any of the big named characters have EVER been successfully turned into a woman and have had there own series or have premiered in their own series or headlined their own series or any series for that matter. Jesus, comics are forever ruined. All characters that are men should always stay as men and not be turned into females because it will inevitably ruin the character and will cause so many problems with continuity and canon. I’m going to go buy a fedora now and cry about how woman make more money than men and how they lie on the media about male privilege, rape and gender disparities.

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why acting like johnlock is ~canon~ is wrong ft my cat

seriously i can’t stress enough how important this issue is i don’t care if you wanna ship it thats FINE but STOP pretending they’re canon goddamn

take a shot every time this powerpoint says gross i’m just kidding don’t please stay safe tonight 

this powerpoint is totally gro
i can’t do it I feel dirty just typing that word the world can only be cleansed with fire

who left this tray of lasagna here

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