Thank you one and all for joining me on this momentous day in which I present to you random match-ups with the Marvel Elite. While some may see off and incomparable, there is definitely a method to my madness and all I ask of you is patience and understanding in each of my match-ups. While previously I have designated winners, these match-ups will have the sole purpose of making y’all think about what is possible in the future of marvel and the like. So, please enjoy feel free to comment and have a good time with this. Without further delay here is this weeks match-up!
These two aggressive apes are literally nothing to mess with, both having the will and way to kill with no care, but who will beat who? These pugilistic primates will definitely go toe to toe in the future and there can only be one who will come out vicotrious in the end. Let’s begin!
Gorilla Man is famously know for his stint with Agents of Atlas. He has roamed the world with Atlas nonetheless to fight the fights that no one knows about, but it wasn’t always this way. Initially a military man specializing in weapons he was transformed into the gorilla you see before you todayt. Through some magic or mysticism he was changed forever into the maniac you see before us and he has literally no remorse. His brute strength, his insane ape rape his ability to tear of the limbs of humans without a care for the world. But that’s not even the best part.  He is a weapons expert through and through. His aim is impeccable, his ability to create bombs at the blink of an eye and he can shoot guns with his feet…HIS FEET. Ok, he’s not the only one who can shoot with and, Gorilla Man needs to be a way better shooter if he wants to defeat…
Hitman Monkey! This silent assassin has gone up against the greatest of the greats. Well mainly Deadpool and possibly several others, but he is a certified killer. His contracts to kill are shrouded in mystery, it comes and kills and leaves without a trace. His short stature and ability to shoot with his FEET, make him possibly one of the most formidable enemies. While he hasn’t had too much play in the comics recently, his work has been immense and amazing and his time in the comics is usually well spent. Hopefully we will see more of his primate prowess in the near future. 
These to asshole apes are great fighters and have great ability to to destroy and do have an amazing battle. Who will win? Who knows? You decide!